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Party all night in Rhodes

I was in Rhodes with my parents, two brothers, two sisters and my sisters best friend. We stayed in a really nice hotel near the beach. When we first got there it was extremely hot but we got used to it after a couple of days.

Next morning after breakfast we went shopping to the old town. It was surprisingly far away and we had to walk there. After hours of shopping we headed back to the hotel and went swimming in the pool. I truly loved the swimming pool in our hotel. It was just the right size and the water was refreshing. Later that night we went to dinner. I can’t remember what i ate but everything I ate in Rhodes was absolutely delicious.

At night we went to the bar street with my sister and her best friend. It was so much fun and i met a lot of people from different countries, even some people from Finland. The bar street was definitely the best thing in Rhodes and we went there many times.

Here is my sister with a bartender


There was a really nice waterpark in Rhodes with lots of different slides and other cool stuff. We could easily get to the waterpark in 20 minutes with a free bus. It was a very big place so there was a small train going around the waterpark. The train was free and a really easy way to move around the waterpark.



So this was my holiday in Rhodes. I really enjoyed it and i wish to go there again sometime.