A Hasty Day in Stockholm

Last summer I visited Stockholm, Sweden with my family. The trip seemed at first quite awful, but in the end it was rather nice. We went on a cruise to Stockholm. The ship left from Helsinki at about five o’clock and arrived in Stockholm in the morning next day.

We slept over night on the ship and in the morning we went to explore the streets of Stockholm. We had only a limited time before our ship was going to leave, so we had to visit places where we wanted to go quite fast. First we walked and explored the Old town of Stockholm, which was boring. After spending too much time in Od town we went to the Vasa Ship Museum. We 19had to stood in line for pretty long time before the line ended up indoors of the museum where we bought our tickets. The Vasa Ship was really big and mighty, and there was interesting information about the ship around the museum.

Then we started to search for a restaurant. We walked and searched around Stockholm, but we couldn’t decide where to go because everybody had their own opinions. Time was running out and we were still searching for a place to eat. Finally we found a vegetarian garden restaurant “Hermans“, which I wasn’t very interested in, but everyone agreed to go in because we also were very hungry. The Food was delicious as it was vegetarian food (though I would rather have eaten kebab or pizza) and the place was amazing. This restaurant was situated at the edge of a cliff and the view from there was spectacular. From there it was possible to see almost all of Stockholm! After we had eaten, we had to run with our full stomachs to the subway. Otherwise we would have missed our ship. Ouch!

  1. #1 by Mrs. Puhakka on February 1, 2015 - 4:23 pm

    Contents: Good
    A pleasant story with a nice flow! Well done! To give your readers the chance to actually visualise what you are describing, try using all your senses. What did the vegetarian food look like, smell like or taste like? What does Old town sound like with all the tourists buzzing about? Be creative! The English language is an incredible treasure trove!

    Media: Room for improvement

    Grammar: Good
    – THE next
    – we HAD to stand in line FOR a long time
    – the food was delicious EVEN THOUGH it was vegeterian

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