The Great Food of Greece

It was Christmas. Our family gift was a trip to Greece. The flight was normal. We ate bad food and babies were crying. I was so excited about the trip. I had never been at Greece before. The flight took about four hours and I was tired. First we went to our villa. The villa was big. There were four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large kitchen and a living room. Outside there was a nice big terrace and a swimming pool.

I was excited about Greek food culture. I had heard that it would be good food in Greece. Greek food is diverse. In Greece, we ate a lot of pork, lamb and chicken and also a lot of vegetables. For example, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and olive oil. One of my favorite food in Greece is squid rings. There are also fish and clams. One night we went to a restaurant that was near our villa. The restaurant was the best. I ate food called mussaka. Mussaka includes eggplants and potatoes. The smell of mussaka is awesome. Food also looks great. I would like to there again. When it is summer, my mom will make me Greek food.

  1. #1 by Mrs. Puhakka on January 28, 2015 - 7:47 pm

    Contents: Satisfactory
    For a balanced structure, aim for at least three paragraphs. Parts of your essay are far too blunt and have nothing to do with your topic which is Greek food. Why would you mention a normal flight? Who cares? Use your imagination and linguistic skills to create a scene. Describe in detail using all your senses and make readers see, smell and taste that food! If you just say that it is ‘great’ and ‘good’ I have no idea what it’s really like. Aim higher for more advanced vocabulary!

    I love that last sentence. I just wish you could link it with the first topic sentence, something like, “It was the Christmas of 2013 when I got my first taste of real Greek food.”

    Media: Room for improvement
    No photos of mouthwatering Greek food?

    Grammar: Satisfactory
    – never been TO Greece
    – I had heard that THERE would be good food
    – one of my favorite DISHES in Greece WAS
    – there WERE also

  2. #2 by mikkolouhivaara on December 28, 2014 - 3:49 pm

    Your vacation sounded nice, except flight. You have described Greece food really well.
    I never been Greece and after I read this I would like visit there. It would been nice if you had put picture.

    • #3 by Mrs. Puhakka on January 8, 2015 - 5:13 pm

      Try to think of more synonyms for ‘nice’! To expand your comment, perhaps you could have explained WHY you would like to visit Greece.
      – except THE flight
      – GREEK food
      – I HAVE never been TO Greece

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