Lovely Barcelona!

It was summer vacation and I went to Barcelona with my mom, sister, one friend and her mom and brother. When we arrived at the airport in Barcelona we bought the bus tickets first and then we retrieve our house key, which was kilometers from the bus stop where we had come from. It was so hot and we were carrying our bags with us all the way. It was hard, but finally we got to the house with the key.
Everyday we moved around by metro. We had two days on the beach, the second day was Sunday and this is a day when almost everyone is on the beach. So it was crowded that day, but we found a good place anyway. The air and sea were so warm and the wind blew conveniently. Every day there was just like that, really warm and no rain. One day we just went shopping for the whole day and went to a big mall, where there were many shops.
Culinary experiences, not counting Mc Donald’s, Burger King and Starbucks, included some Spanish restaurant there was Spanish food there, a good pizza restaurant on the wall and one slightly finer restaurant there is spanish food too there.
The seafront was so beautiful. There were many people, restaurants and sometimes you could hear music. In the evening, the beach looked wonderful because it was twilight and there weren’t any people sunbathing anymore. This was our second time there, so we didn’t visit every tourists attractions this time. The Montjuic’s wonderful huge fountain was worth seeing and definitely in the evening. The show is like a colourful light show in the fountain with popular songs playing. It was amazing.
We walked a lot and just enjoyed ourselves. There were many street performers and street musicians. Barcelona’s main street La Rambla was full of people and commotion, but it isn’t bother us.

  1. #1 by Mrs. Puhakka on January 29, 2015 - 9:35 am

    Contents: Very good
    What a wonderful, enthusiastic description of the place! You make me want to go to Barcelona. To make your description even more compelling, try using idioms and ALL your senses. Some information about the architecture might be interesting to fellow travelers as well.

    Media: Room for improvement

    Grammar: Very good
    – every day
    – Spanish (always capitalize nationalities!)
    – it DIDN’T bother us
    You have edited this to near perfection – well done!

  2. #2 by chenchenwu999 on January 7, 2015 - 9:08 pm

    You written really well but i recommend than you can upload some pictures of The seafront. So i can see how amazing the place it was.

    • #3 by Mrs. Puhakka on January 8, 2015 - 5:26 pm

      To be more constructive, point out which parts were well written and how!
      – WRITE, WROTE, WRITTEN (kirjoitit = WROTE)
      – i = I
      – thaT you _ upload
      – the seafront so THAT I COULD see how amazing the place _ was.

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