A Breeze From Crete

Four years ago we went on family vacation to Platanias, Crete which is one of the Greek Islands.

I can still remember the first breeze that came when I stepped out of the plane. The breeze was warm and full of excitement. The world outside the plane looked amazing and a little bit scary. It was sunny outside and there was a weird little noise that the crickets made. The sun was something amazing, I can still feel the sun burning my skin.
We stayed in a small apartment hotel in the Platanias. The apartment was chilly and quite dark inside. The rooms were small and made of stones. We had our room on the ground floor and luckily, the pool was right next to our patio. It was less than a two meters from our patio to the pool. The pool water was warm in the middle of the day.

We walked to the beach almost every morning. It was a short distance from the hotel. I can still see how we would walk amongst the houses to get to the beach. It was amazing and beautiful, the water was blue and clear. It was wonderful, until you got the water in your eyes. The water was so salty that when you walked out of the water and sited in the sun, you could feel how the water faded away leaving your skin white with salt. The sand was yellow as the sun in the sky and the sand felt like velvet under my feet. At the afternoons the sand would get so heated up by the sun that it was like walking on hot charcoals.

Kreikka 2011 eos 810_Fotor

At midday, the Greek’s had siesta and they stayed at home to escape the heat. We hiked on the hills and explored nature. There are many olive and wine gardens. Otherwise Greek nature was dusty and barren. There are some Rosa dumalis and some remains of old house. On the hills the sun was whipping my back. It was hot but the view was worth it. The view was magnificent I was able to see the ocean and the gardens. I remember that on top of the hill there was this little warm breeze and the smell on ocean.
The days in Greece were warm and full of the sounds that the crickets made and when the sun went down, so did the heat and the crickets with it.

Kreikka 2011 eos 725_Fotor

Kreikka 2011 eos 088_Fotor

Kreikka 2011 eos 053_Fotor

Kreikka 2011 eos 044_Fotor

Word count: 417

  1. #1 by Mrs. Puhakka on January 29, 2015 - 9:57 am

    Contents: Excellent
    A good topic sentence is informative, “Four years ago we went on family vacation to Platanias, Crete which is one of the Greek Islands, and the trip was amazing.”

    The description is stunning. I feel like I am in Grete and there is poetry in your choice of words. You use all your senses to create an atmosphere. Great work, Nikita!

    Media: Excellent
    You are a talented photographer if you took those yourself!

    Grammar: Excellent
    – less than _ two meters
    Avoid using the word SO. Instead VERY or just another adjective, the English language is rich!

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