Two Weeks In A Paradise

In June 2014, i went to Florida with my family for two weeks. It was the best trip of
my life. When we landed in Miami, I was surprised how warm it can be and the warm
gust of wind made it feel even warmer. The weather changed repeatedly from sunny
to rainy,even when it rained the weather was still warm. And as a matter of fact
the weather never went under 30 degree Celsius. But the weather in Finland is not even nearly as good as in Florida.

Kesä 2014 065
The nature there were quite different compared to here in Finland. There
were palm trees everywhere. And in Florida they take care of the nature much more
than here in Finland.

Our rented apartment was perfect. It was big and roomy. In
our backyard we had our own swimming pool. Behind our swimming pool there was a
river and in the river there were alligators. We saw alligators there all the time and it
was amazing.
Kesä 2014 069

In Florida there is so much to see and all kinds of stuff to do. For Example, shopping, swimming and Disney world. We visited in the Universal studios and it was unbelievable. It`s a theme park for Universal movies. If you are going on a trip to Florida, then you have to visit in Universal studio.However the whole trip was breathtaking

.Kesä 2014


word count: 226

  1. #1 by Mrs. Puhakka on January 27, 2015 - 2:39 pm

    Contents: Good
    The structure is logical and there you describe the differences between Finland and Florida well. However, you could use your senses more and include details, idioms etc. to avoid a list-like story.

    Florida sounds like a blast and looks like where you stayed was quite luxurious! 🙂

    Media: Very good
    No captions?

    Grammar: Good
    – i = I
    – Universal Studios, Disney World (sights capitalized!)
    – then you WILL have to visit (futuuri)
    – however -> TO SUM UP,

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