The Bizarre Taxi Driver In Italy

I traveled to Italy last year with my family. We went to Rome, the capital of Italy. It was my first time on an airplane in ten years. I was scared for the flight because I have watched so many airplane accident documentaries and movies. I just thought about all the bad things that could happen during the flight. Nonetheless, it went well.
We stood in front of the airport and waited for the taxi. After 10 or 15 minutes we got a taxi and we could get to our hotel. On the way to the hotel, the taxi driver wanted to tell us about Rome. It was a problem that the taxi driver couldn’t speak English so he used a translation app from his phone. It was quite bad, but we understood each other so it worked well enough.
The car stopped and I looked out of the window. We were not at the hotel. We were at a gas station and the taxi driver was refuelling car. After that we continued the trip to the hotel. I think it was a little bit strange that the taxi driver refueled the car when he had passengers with him. I have never seen something like that in Finland.
The end of the trip went well. The food was excellent and it was gluten-free. We went to see the Colosseum. It was awesome. It was the trip of my life! I really recommend travelling to Italy because it’s a beautiful country with excellent food and kind people.

  1. #1 by Mrs. Puhakka on January 15, 2015 - 8:42 am

    Contents: Good
    The story itself is delightful, but you should have focused more on the description, using all your senses. It is your job to write such a text that the reader can imagine that eccentric cab driver in their minds! Moustache? Body odor? etc.

    Media: Room for improvement

    Grammar: Very good
    – scared OF the flight

  2. #2 by pekkatyynela on December 18, 2014 - 1:44 pm

    I think the title is marvelous and seeing it makes me want to read this blog post. I liked the part where you told about the flight and how scared you were. The story is missing photos of your trip, you could have put a picture of Colosseum perhaps. No links or videos was put either. Grammar is very good, I didn’t find anything to complain about. You could have described the situations more by using all your senses. Structure of the story is clear. I haven’t visited Italy yet, but i would like to someday.

    • #3 by Mrs. Puhakka on January 8, 2015 - 4:57 pm

      A very constructive and polite comment! A pleasure to read 🙂
      – i = I

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