A Unforgettable Trip

Last midsummer, I was Estonia with my mother, father, little brother and my uncle’s family. We had never travelled abroad together, this was a first time. I was so excited about the trip, I could not sleep. The last night before we would travel.

It is the tourism’s day is sunny day. We had breakfast early at home.

My father drove to the Viking Terminal. When we reached. The terminal, I saw a big red steamship stay in the harbor.

We boarded the ship and shortly after it left for Estonia. Less than four hours later  we were in Estonia. My uncle volunteered to be our guide because he has already visited Estonia once. We went to a church it was not open, because that day was a holiday. But from the outside. The church was amazing,I had never seen before.

I don´t know what this church name is.

I don´t know what is this church name.

We still bought some wine and alcohol from the  local shop. It was much cheaper there than in Finaland.

We soon had to go back to the ferry. It was sad because did not have enough time to visit this wonderful and historical country. I regretted having to return to the ferry.

On the ferry, we had a buffet dinner. There were hundreds of delicious dishes, I gawked at the food. After dinner, everyone was very satisfied. We took a little break before leaving the ship. 59After the arrival announcement, everyone crowded into the exit, resulting in poor vantilation and a warm atmosphere.  After the door opened the people flowed out of the ship.

I will never forget this trip, it is an important memory of my family together.                                                        words: 275

  1. #1 by Mrs. Puhakka on January 28, 2015 - 9:37 am

    Contents: Good
    You have worked hard on this and the story has improved immensely. At times there are parts which are incomprehensible, though. Work on creating very simple sentences and always double check. The conclusion is sweet!

    Media: Satisfactory
    Don’t add a caption if you don’t have the church’s name. Or just say, “An Estonian church.” You need to get rid of the KungFuWriting formatting, the text is very messy.

    Grammar: Good
    – IN Estonia
    – “It is the tourism’s day is sunny day.” -> kun kuvailet säätä käytä muodllista subjektia IT = IT WAS A sunny day.
    – he HAD already visited Estonia once = OLI vieraillut (pluskvamperfekti)
    – still = yhä (I am still in love with you after all these years.)
    – WE did not have enough time

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