Year ago I went to the city of Dubai with my family to celebrate my father’s birthday. I didn’t know anything about the city until I made some resources. Dubai is one of seven emirates in the U.A.E. and is the most bi-polar. In one breath Dubai is a busy metropolis filled with riches, technology, development, palm trees and beauty.

When i was packing up my mum warned me not to take many shorts or tops because there is no use for them. Dubai is a police state that enforces Islamic law. Many people wear the traditional clothing of Abia (females coverings) and Candora( male covering) and also tourist might better to respect this.

First my main interests in Dubai were sun and heat, but you can´t really avoid the shopping culture since malls the size of Reykjavik. We went to one mall that had an ice skating rink and an aquarium in it. This wasn´t just a tank with some goldfish, but entire underwater street with sharks and sting rays in it.

  1. #1 by Mrs. Puhakka on February 9, 2014 - 3:51 pm

    Contents: Good
    There is much potential in your essay, but I feel that it has been cut short without any conclusion. Try to stick to deadlines, Riina! Your text is very informative and you have done your research, but there are some strange translations in the first paragraph. Next time, try which gives you more of a context and more choices. GoogleTranslator is not the best.

    The title could be more enticing…

    Media / sources: Room for improvement

    Grammar: Good
    – A year ago
    – until I LOOKED INTO IT (tutkin asiaa)
    – “and is the most bi-polar” ??? (
    – “In one breath” ???
    – i = I(always!)
    – touristS might BE BETTER OFF respecting that
    – since THERE ARE malls the size of… (älä unohda muodollista subjektia ‘there’ kun jossain on jotain)
    – AN entire underwater street

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