A trip to the other side of the world

My sister, my mom and I went to Australia at skiing holiday in February 2013. I wanted to go there and meet one of my best friends, Minttu, who was an exchange student in Australia for 10 months, so we packed our bags and then the adventure to the other side of the world began.

We had three flights to Australia. The first flight to Frankfurt took 2 and a half hours. From Frankfurt, we took a plane to Singapore, and the flight took 12 hours. After a long, hard and boring flight I was so tired because I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited, nervous, and yeah, because of one little Chinese girl who was screaming all the time on row of seats behind me. But after that terrible 12 hour we took our last plane to our destination, to Melbourne. The flight from Singapore to Melbourne took 9 hours. And because I was dead tired, I think I slept all 9 hours.

I woke up when the plane landed in Melbourne at the airport. I looked out of the plane window and saw palms and a lot of dry sandy soil. The sun was shining and it was about 30 celsius. The time distance between Australia and Finland is 10 hours, so it was 9.00 a.m when we landed in Australia. Then we went to our super cool hotel and we had some lunch.

The first day in Australia went so quickly. I hang out with Minttu and she showed me some sights in Melbourne. We went to a big shopping center and i bought several shirts, singlets, shorts, jewels, 2 volleys and one handbag. Oh, I love Australian shopping centers! People were so friendly and helpful too.

During the first week in Australia, I slept 2 nights at Minttu’s host family and also visited Castlemaine Secondary College, which was wonderful! People were very nice and came to talk to me and asked me where I came from and stuff like that. It wasn’t even hard to talk with Australian people. Actually I really think I understood all that they said to me. After the school day, we spend time with Minttu’s host family and then we went to do some horseback riding with Minttu’s host mom’s horses. It was fantastic to ride in Australia, kangaroos were jumping all around the place and the horses were kind. Minttu’s host family’s backyard was full of kangaroos which was so funny. Oh, I love that place. The host family was lovely.

At the end of my time in Australia I visited all kinds of places. We went to Aquarium to see some penguins and the zoo to meet some koalas, crocodiles, more kangaroos, zebras and many other animals. We also visited Melbourne’s beach and other attractions. We ate a lot, the restaurants were nice. Fish and chips were very popular there, but basically the food was about the same in Australia as it is in Finland.

The trip was stupendous ans I am looking forward to visiting Australia in the future! People were nice, the food was good, the weather was warm, animals were interesting, school was a bit different than it is in Finland (maybe a bit easier), kangaroos and penguins were super adorable and it was lovely to see Minttu again- what a brilliant trip!

Riding in Australia

Riding in Australia

Melbourne center at night

Melbourne center at night

Melbourne beach at evening

Melbourne beach at evening

Cute penguin in Aquarium

Cute penguin in Aquarium


By Melina Nyberg 1D


  1. #1 by Mrs. Puhakka on February 3, 2014 - 10:01 am

    Contents: Good
    If you just refrained from writing English as if you were speaking it, you could be a stupendous writer! Try to do that next time and also attempt to consider all 5 senses in your descriptions. You hint many things, but do not get into detail. Like that the food is nice (how?) and school is different (maybe easier?). If you do not have more to say about it, then perhaps it should be left out entirely. If your focus was, for example, how Australia is different from Finland, you could have a better structure.

    In conclusion, your text is easy to read and it seems like you had an incredible experience!

    Media / sources: Excellent
    Your pictures are amazing!

    Grammar: Very good
    – so tired (slang) = very tired
    – because… because… (use more fullstops!)
    – after THOSE terrible 12 hourS
    – palm TREES
    – super cool = slang (maybe ‘elegant’?)
    – went BY so quickly (time goes by)
    – hang, hung, hung
    – i = I (always!!!)
    – jewels = jalokiviä, jewellery = koruja (epäsäännöllinen monikko, ei koskaan ässää)
    – 2 volley BALLS (really? or did you mean WALLETS)
    – spend, spent, spent
    – ON horses
    – super adorable (slang) = extremely adorable

  2. #2 by Samuel on January 26, 2014 - 10:45 pm

    Lovely and very interesting trip! The details are great and they made me laugh! Maybe someday I visit Australia too..
    Your photos are sweet and the penguins looks so funny and cute.
    Would you like to visit Australia again?

    • #3 by Mrs. Puhakka on January 31, 2014 - 8:26 am

      A sweet comment, but there is no constructive criticism here!
      – someday I WILL visit Australia (futuuri!)

  3. #4 by outi on January 24, 2014 - 2:37 pm

    I like that way you describe Australia! Your story make me want to go there too. I haven’t ever been in Australia but I think I shoud go some day there too. One reason for that I haven’t ever been there is that the flights are too long and boring. Your post is very fancy and nice and your pictures are beautiful.

    • #5 by Mrs. Puhakka on January 31, 2014 - 8:28 am

      You have lots of lovely things to say, but what about being a little bit constructive so that we can all become better writers some day?
      – your story makeS me want to…
      – I have NEVER been TO Australia
      – go THERE some day too SPOTPA
      – for NOT HAVING GONE THERE is that

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