Isla Margarita – Paradise

I was in Venezuela in holiday trip few years ago with my family. The trip was 2 weeks. We flew to Caracas which is the capital city of Venezuela. The flight was longer than I expected 12 HOURS ! 12 hours sounds like a long long time, but to be honest with all those activities like music, movies and sleeping the time wasn’t a problem. When we arrived to Venezuela I was so exited, that warm weather and all those exotic palm trees and stuff. From Caracas airport we took a bus to our hotel in Isla Margarita. In the beginning of the bus trip I realized that I were in paradise. When we arrived to our hotel I was so exhausted that I had to go to sleep.

When I woke up at like 9. We went to breakfast. The breakfast was in huge hall where was lots of different fruits, juices, breads and the best thing wafers with syrup ! The food was finger lickin’ good ! Probably the best breakfast Ive ever eaten. After breakfast we went to our hotels own beach, which was like 2 kilometers long. Our familys normal tradition in warm holidays is that we take tan like 6-10 hours. That sounds like stupid and boring I know, but Ive got used to it and I enjoy it. Of course we must have dinner and stuff but like our main thing in these holiday trips is tan. Our hotel were all-inclusive hotel, so it had all foods and drinks contained. So I didn’t have to pay anything when I went to beach bar to get coke or something to drink. That was so nice and easy.Image

Sometimes I went to poolarea with my big brother. We liked to have some variation to our holiday. The pool area were so beautiful ! And there were one little hamburger stand in the corner of the pool area. But I promise that even if that was a small stand, those guys knew what they were doing. The hamburgers were AMAZING. Two guys with that little space and so lots of customers. Don’t get it how they could be so kind and nice to everyone.

Our whole holiday was like all the same. Same schedule all day and all night. I swear the god that I will return to that place with my friends or girlfriend or something. That was the paradise for me. I miss those things so much. So friendly, social and nice people. And the place was amazing. Best holiday trip for me EVER. If I compare that to all of my times Ive been abroad.

  1. #1 by Mrs. Puhakka on December 3, 2012 - 8:13 pm

    Contents: Very good
    If you just avoided informal language, repetition and Finglish, this would be an absolutely fantastic essay. Next time plan your essay, focus on building a structure and check the grammar. You have an extensive English vocabulary, but you have some problems with verbs and prepositions.

    Sounds like paradise to me too!

    Media / appearance: Very good
    What an amazing place!

    Grammar: Good
    – I was ON holiday IN Venezuela
    – we arrived IN Venezuela, AT our hotel
    – exCited
    – and stuff = SLANG
    – AT the beginning
    – I WAS
    – when I woke up IT WAS ABOUT 9am
    – where THERE WERE lots of different fruit_ (mon.)
    – hotels = hotellit, hotel’s = hotellin
    – families = perheet, family’s = perheen
    – take tan = SUNBATHE
    – our hotel WAS
    – food_ (mon.)
    – THE pool area WAS beautiful
    – there WAS a stand
    – so MANY customers
    – I swear TO god
    – SUCH friendly people
    – THE best trip ever COMPARED TO ALL the times that I’ve been abroad.

  2. #2 by Sakaria on November 21, 2012 - 7:07 am

    The beginning is good and easy to follow. The middle part was okay it wasn’t as good as the beginning. You used good idioms.The ending was interesting so all in all your blog is cool.

    • #3 by Mrs. Puhakka on November 23, 2012 - 8:16 am

      You need to provide more details and suggestions about how to make the middle part better!

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